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Sunsoft - Area 03
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Another one of the all-time greats. Blaster Master, possibly Sunsoft’s greatest triumph. Eight diverse stages, each with their own theme and soundtrack. Amazingly, though the music is spectacular for this game, it’s actually overshadowed by the graphics and world exploration. This piece has always been my favorite, not only because the stage it’s attached to is one of the most impressive, but because it conveys the electromechanical mood of its parent stage so well without resorting to obvious musical tropes like the “zzt” of electrical currents. The most you get is a slightly metallicized voice through the square wave overlays. The overall melody isn’t as complex as you might expect a great piece of game music to be, but it’s proof positive that with the right construction, simplicity can win the day.

(Note: The art for this piece comes from the Japanese version of the game, Cho Wakusei Senki Metafight, since all art in the American version was just screenshots from the game.)

Music by Naoki Kodaka, by the by.

FF X - The Prelude
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The Prelude
Final Fantasy X
Nobuo Uematsu, Masashi Hamauzu and Junya Nakano


Mirage Turtles

"We are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  We strike hard, and fade away into the night."



I made a thing. #minecraft #pearlerbeads

I made a thing. #minecraft #pearlerbeads


What If Rogue Possessed the Power of Thor?

This whole foofaraw about the mantle of Thor being passed onto a woman immediately made me think of this. That last one always makes me smile because Rogue just looks so damned happy!

Do you make gifs of James and Mike Mondays? If so can I request James and Mike dancing in the Star Wars Kinect (xbox 360) video?


Well, usually I only gif AVGN stuff. But this is just too hilarious to pass up:





The Simpsons - Kitchen Sink by FXX

teaser poster for Jurassic World!

teaser poster for Jurassic World!

Favorite FilmsRobot Carnival (1987)

I want to experience love… and know it’s of my own will.


Kamala Khan has enraptured the world as many times as she’s saved it. Now, the plucky Pakistani-American teen who made history as the new Ms Marvel, comics’ first ever lead Muslim superhero, is getting a rare sixth printing—and heralding a new era of diversity in comics.

Although the world of comics occupies an increasingly large part of the pop cultural domain—last year the industry did about $800 million in sales—the number of people who actually buy comics is relatively small. Most comics only average about 3,000 copies per printing; with Kamala now on her sixth printing, she’s headed towards a whopping 20,000 print copies sold. 

Still, to put things in perspective, sixth printings are major milestones in the world of comics. Spider-Man Issue #583, the one with President Obama on the cover, only made it to a fifth printing despite making international headlines. Kamala now joins an elite lineup of bestselling comics that have performed beyond all expectations.



McQuarrie Monday - An early concept of our band of heroes.


McQuarrie Monday - An early concept of our band of heroes.


Someone at work sent me a link to the song “Shell Shocked” from the new TMNT movie soundtrack.  I retaliated and sent them this, “T-U-R-T-L-E Power” from the original 1990 movie soundtrack.

Yoko Shimomura - You're a Codfish!
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You’re a Codfish!
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
Yoko Shimomura

N64 magazine ad

N64 magazine ad